We drive to North Germany and Denmark

In Germany we drive to Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Hanover, Bielefeld, Münster, Brunswick, Kiel, Magdeburg, Lübeck, Rostock.
In Denmark we drive to all cities and Kopenhagen.


Transportation of people


Transportation of dispatches


Transportation of loads


Transportation of vehicles

Why us?

Experienced drivers

  • Drivers having more than 10 years of experience;
  • Polite drivers are always interested in helping and answering Your questions;

Reliable transport

  • Convenient buses, not older than 8 years, with all necessary equipment;


  • Passengers are insured during the trip;
  • Ergonomic seats with mandatory seat belts;
  • We drive fee-paying roads in Poland.

Quick reaction

  • We answer the inquiries immediately or in 15 min from the reception of the inquiry.


  • Ergonomic, regulated seats
  • Air conditioning
  • Additional heating
  • LED TV and always good, new films
  • USB charging
  • WiFi
  • Ideal cleanliness
  • Rugs and cushions
  • Spacious salon
  • Plenty of space for luggage
  • Technically neat
  • The rules are provided in the minibus to be followed during the trip


How long is the trip?+
From 16 to 22 hours from Lithuania to North Germany From 18 to 24 hours from Lithuania to continental Denmark From 19 to 24 hours from Lithuania to Copenhagen
How many traveling suitcases can a person have during the trip?+
During the trip, a person can have up to two traveling suitcases (bags). If there is more luggage additional fee is paid.
Do you drive from address to address?+
In Lithuania, we take from the big cities, in exceptional cases (if the person is not able to come; loads and vehicles), we take from the indicated place. In North Germany and Denmark, we drive to the address You need.
Is it allowed to consume alcoholic drinks during the trip?+
Strictly forbidden.
What is forbidden to carry during the trip?+
ethyl alcohol, alcohol drinks; processed tobacco products; guns; explosive and drug substances; energy products; prescription medications; and all other forbidden things.
Is it allowed to smoke cigarettes, electronic cigarettes or different tobacco items in the vehicle during the trip?+
Strictly forbidden.
Do you carry bicycles?+
We carry bicycles with their documents only.
Do you carry pets?+
Yes, if you want to transport pets, please get acquainted with the following rules of pet transportation:
The pets have to have:+
"Pet’s passport" (blue) with the confirmation of the vet that the pet is healthy, it has all vaccination, then the pet can travel to the destination;
It is not allowed:+
– to carry puppies younger than 3 months. Dogs can be carries only with the vaccination from rabies and not earlier than 21 days after such vaccination.neleidžiamus vežti daiktus, mes neatsakome.
In all cases, we advise applying to the vet in advance before planning the trip. This will help avoiding unpleasant situations related to veterinarian requirements.
Important – during the trip, the pet has to have its transportation box, vessels for water and food, dog-lead. Transportation box has to be of the size necessary for the pet to feel comfortably during the trip.
What happens if the things of the passengers or loads are confiscated during the customs inspection?+
for the forbidden things for the trip confiscated during the customs inspection.




Has been driving for 14 years already

‘‘I like active, non-monotonic activity, also, I find it interesting to know different people. My objective in this activity is to perform my work in a qualitative manner and to receive a positive response from the customers.‘‘



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